• What is this?

    Family, linked. This is Familink!

    A family is the heart of any person's social group. And as much as we would like to, keeping in touch and organizing events with all of our family members can be difficult. People move. Contact points change. Calendars rarley sync. How do we make sure that heart keeps beating?

    Enter Familink! With this app you can...
  • Reference

    -Get up-to-date family member contact info, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and/or physical addresses

    -Edit that contact info on-the-fly, giving everyone else in the family instant access to those changes from a central location

    -Get remined of family members' birthdays, anniversaries, and other important upcoming events!
  • Connect

    -At the click of a button, send email to your whole extended family or individual Family Units without the fuss of email lists

    -Quickly call, text, or email any family member, to their current contact details, through the integrated phone API.
  • Organize

    -Post custom events or parties, with their details, and have included members get notified when you do!

    -Organizing that family party or event? Post messages on the open forum and/or reply to messages other family members have posted to keep everyone in sync!

    -Export family events to your phone/computer's calendar!
  • Cool! How do I sign up?

    If your family already has a Familink account, you're already set! Just contact your family's Familink Admin to get your family's login credentials. We also strongly recommend adding familink@codingerik.com to your email's safe sender's list to avoid emails from Familink going into your Junk Mailbox.

    If your family doesn't have a Familink account yet, simply click "Sign Up" to create one! It only takes about a minute! You will first create an administrator account. The administrator account is used to set up and maintain your family's Familink account. Once signed up as an admin, you will then create a common, shared username and password for your whole family to access Familink.

    Once your family account is created, as an admin, you can start to add family members and group them into Family Units (see "How will this app hekp my family?" below). Once members are added, all family members will be able to edit their details at any time to keep them current for all to see.
  • I have email. Why would I want to use this app instead?

    The answer to this question is actually one of the biggest inspirations for the creation of this app!...contact details always change! People get new phone numbers, email addresses, and homes...but you don't. What you have in your phone or computer address book today may be outdated in a month...and you won't know when it is! Familink was inspired by the idea of a common address book that everyone can add to and edit, giving every family member access to that family's most-current contact info from a central location. Through the app, users can take advantage of this benefit with the integrated email/messaging, calling, and Family Unit features to minimize app switching! This service was designed to be a natural extension of your every-day phone/computer use...to visit it just as you would your contact, address, or social media apps...but knowing this app's data is more reliable. Gone are the days when you get bounced emails or need to prelude every communication with, "send to those I missed." Gone are the days when Fred pick up the phone without knowing who Fred is, or even worry that people are not seeing your messages. Familink solves this.

    Familink is, truly, family connected. It is family linked!
  • How will this app help my family?

    One of the beautiful things about Familink is you never have to worry about keeping up with everyone's current contact info! It is always here! If Uncle Bob gets a new cell phone number, he can edit his details...and Mom doesn't need to change it in her phone. If Cousin Julie graduates and loses her school email, she can change that to her new work address...so the next time Grandma sends an email inviting people to dinner next Friday, Julie will definitely be showing up! Even though a detail may change for one member, everyone else in the family instantly has access to that change all from a central location.

    Extending from this, through Familink, users are able to leverage their family members' current emails with the Family Unit feature! Family Units are smaller groups of individuals that reside in the whole family. When sending emails from Familink, Julie no longer needs to remember to type every cousin's email address, some of which may be outdated, when sending the invite to the cousins' baseball game next month. She can simply select "Cousins" and send! With Family Units, users can send emails to the Whole Family, individual Family Units, or individual members...knowing every email will get sent to the right people at valid addresses, and, more importantly, received by them!

    Familink. Keeping families linked!
  • Comming Soon!

    -Export contact info and family events to your phone/computer
    -Family stories, recipes, thoughts, or memories to share? Let this app be an archive for those important things!
    -With Dropbox integration, quickly access photos from past family events